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Brii Gears specialize in manufacturing team uniforms, particularly American football of Customized Team Uniforms, Basketball Uniforms, USA Football Jerseys/Pants, Soccer Uniforms, Baseball Uniforms, Reversible Jerseys/Shorts, Tracksuits/Warm Ups, Training Shirts, Compression Shirts ,Coach Shirts ,varsity Jacket, Gaelic Wear ,Hoodie Shirts, Soccer Ball ,Beanie Hats ,Rugby Shirts, Hockey Shirts, and, Kickball Uniform, visor , Bag, laggies, capri, Fitness wear ,other types of Uniforms and Accessories for a wide range of sports and games. We’re a professional and reliable supplier of sport products and services, specifically providing sport clothing’s & equipment’s and intelligent products for life health.

Having more than 15 years of experience

Brii Gears was incorporated in 2005 as leading manufacturer & Exporters of all kinds of sportswear & Gloves. We understand that every customer have their own designs. So we offer you Complete opportunity to make your products according to your own specifications, brand names, logos, header cards, hangtags etc. We always take product quality seriously and constantly innovate, so we pay close attention and show willingness to use the latest clothing materials and technologies in the word, and Brii Gears has introduced the direct-injection digital color printing technology and seamless garment technology, to produce higher quality and extraordinary customized sport products for sports enthusiasts.
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